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China Mobile: Striving for SA Commercialization in Q4

Updated:2020/1/14 16:15

Dong Xin, deputy general manager of China Mobile, said at a media communication conference recently that based on the construction of more than 50,000 5G base stations in 2019, this year will focus on the goal of building a 5G boutique network that "covers the whole country with advanced technology and excellent quality". They will build 5G networks in cities at or above the national level, deepen open cooperation to promote the maturity of the SA industry, accelerate the evolution of the target network from NSA to SA, and strive to achieve SA commercialization in the fourth quarter.

Dong Xin said that China Mobile's mobile data traffic, SME broadband, and private line tariffs in 2019 dropped by 47%, 37%, and 23% respectively. China Mobile has achieved the number portability service as scheduled. In recent years, the fee reduction measures have benefited 5 billion people and surrendered profits exceed 200 billion yuan to the whole society.

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