Quantum Communication in China Will Achieve Major Expansions in Areas, Products, and Applications

Updated:2020/12/17 13:08

On December 15, the 2020 Quantum Safe Application Development Forum was held in Nanjing. Zhu Yu, vice president of China Information Industry Association, delivered a speech, saying that during the "14th Five-year Plan" and even in the longer term, quantum information technology was expected to become an important core technology that allows China to "change paths and overtake" and have some say in the industrial chain in the global science and technology industry.

Zhu Yu believed that China's quantum communication would achieve three major expansions in the future:

The first is regional expansion, that is, the expansion from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster, Yangtze River Delta, Hainan, and other regional inter-municipal quantum networks to the whole country and the world;

The second is the expansion of products. In the future, there will appear encrypted chips and devices with higher photoelectric integration and more diversified functions;

The third one is the expansion of applications. With the increase of quantum communication bandwidth and the deepening of network coverage, there will be applications based on such transmission forms as pictures, videos, VR.

He thought that it would be an important mission for China's quantum science and technology field to take the lead in mastering disruptive technologies that can establish first-mover advantages and lead future development, to first establish the next-generation safe, efficient, independent, and controllable information technology system, and promote the leapfrogging improvement in China's information technology and industrial core competitiveness.

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