China Mobile Spent 21 Million Calling for Bids for UAV Base Stations: for Emergency Communication

Updated:2018/6/29 11:14

China Mobile has declared its planned purchases of 30 sets of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) high-altitude base stations and two mooring UAV safeguard vehicles.The ceiling price of UAV base stations is no more than 21 million Yuan (excluding tax) and for the safeguard vehicle is no more than 5.22 million Yuan (excluding tax). China Mobile has stated that the biding this time will be used for emergency communication.

Tests regarding UAV base stations have been carried out.

In fact, telecommunication operators have encountered difficulty in resorting communication from breakdown caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and mud-rock flows through traditional measures such as establishing emergency communication stations and restoring base stations. Also the process is extremely slow.

The development of UAV technology and its application in communication have provided a new, quick and effective approach for operators to restore communication in disaster-stricken areas.

Last year China Mobile carried out trials of mooring UAV high-altitude base stations in places like Hunan and Beijing, and the results turned out to be satisfying.

The UAV high-altitude emergency base stations can cover an area of 50 square kilometers and offer instant communication for 5,400 mobile phone users at the same time.It can lift off to an altitude of 100 meters in five minutes, consistently safeguard communication service such as VoLTE data service for stricken areas. It is quick-responding, easily operated, flexible coverage, long-time hovered and well suspended.

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