CAE Academician Urges More State Lead in Network Core Technology

Updated:2017/4/14 14:53

China's network core technology is subject to other countries, which is a great hidden danger to the nation, and we should independently develop network core technologies instead of expecting to buy foreign technologies, Ni Guangnan, an academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering said at the 2017 China Telecommunication Industry IoT Conference on April 13.

Synchronously, China should promote network security and informatization.

To sum up, China should improve the core technology research and development and market guidance.

In terms of the exclusion of Windows 10 from the government procurement projects, Mr. Ni noted that China is able to develop the operating system and produce universal CPU, but can't succeed without a market. In his opinion, it is the right time now for China to develop the operating system for devices, which may be the only opportunity for that.

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