CAICT: China Mobile Phone Market Report in February 2017

Updated:2017/3/10 14:21

CAICT released China Mobile Phone Market Report (February, 2017) on March 9.

Overall Mobile Phone Market in China

February domestic mobile phone shipments reached 29.6 million units, up 33.0 percent year over year. 34 new models were released in the month, down 44.3 percent compared with the same period of last year.

Domestic mobile phone shipments reached 76.4 million units and new model release number reached 97, up 6.7 percent and down 31.7 percent year over year, respectively.

Domestic mobile phone shipments from February 2016 to February 2017

Local-Brand Mobile Phone

February local-brand mobile phone shipments reached 26.2 million units, up 36.7 percent year over year, accounting for 88.7 percent of the domestic mobile phone shipments. Local-brand new models (32 units) decreased by 46.7 percent year over year, representing 94.1 percent of the total number of new model release.

In the first two months of 2017, mobile phone shipments by the local brands rose 8.4 percent to 67.0 million, accounting for 87.7 percent of the domestic mobile phone shipments. New models released by the local brandsdecreased 31.8 percent year over year to 90 units, which represented 92.8 percent of the total new models in the domestic market.

February 2017 mobile phone shipments by local and MNC brands


February smartphone shipments were 27.8 million units, up 35.5 percent year over year, accounting for 94.2 percent of the domestic mobile phone shipments in the month. Among them, 22.7 million units were Android-based.

In February, 27 new smartphone models were released, including 21 Android ones. New smartphones released in the month were down 48.1 percent year over year, and accounted for 79.4 percent of the number of new release.

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