SMIC's Net Profit Rose 13% in 2022

Updated:2023/3/31 15:47

According to SMIC's 2022 annual report delivered a day earlier, during the reporting period, the Company realized revenue of CNY 49.516 billion, up 39% from a year earlier; its net profit attributable to the parent company increased 13% to CNY 12.133 billion; by region, its prime operating revenues in China, US and Eurasia represented 74.2%, 20.8% and 5% respectively of the gross revenue, relative to 69.9%, 22.3% and 7.8% in the prior year.

By use of wafers, wafer revenues from smartphones, smart homes, consumer electronics and other uses accounted for 27%, 14.1%, 23% and 35.9% respectively of the gross revenue, in comparison with 32.2%, 12.8%, 23.5% and 31.5% a year earlier. By size of wafers, revenues from making 8'' wafers and 12'' wafers accounted for 33% and 67% respectively of the gross revenue, flat with last year's 36.1% and 63.9%.

In a relatively stable external environment, SMIC forecasts that in 2023, its annual revenue will see a two-digit decline and gross margin will stay at 20% or so; with depreciation up over 20%, its capital expenditure will be roughly flat with a year earlier; and by December 2023, its increased monthly capacity will approximate that in the prior year.

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