HAWKING Secures a Significant Series A+ Funding of nearly 100 million Yuan

Updated:2022/12/27 15:14

Recently, HAWKING, the supplier of DSP chip announced to complete a significant series A+ funding of nearly 100 million yuan, which was led by Skyworth Investment, added by old shareholders Sequoia China and Unity Ventures, and newly involved by strategic institutions such as Ginlong Technologies, and Zhuhai Huajin Capital. The funding will be leveraged for preparing materials for the production of HX2000 series DSP chips and continuing the input of R& D investment.

Founded in 2019, the founding team of HAWKING grew out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was the former core scientific research team of the National Engineering Research Center for Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design. The team has engaged in research on the RISC-V processor since 2016, particularly focusing on the development of DSP with independent property rights based on the RISC- V instruction set architecture.

“HAWKING has launched a variety of Haawking-HX2000 series DSP chips based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture resorting to the RISC-V DSP design technology with independent intellectual property rights since its completion of Series-A funding of nearly 100 million yuan in June. Of which, five chips in four series have been taped out successively, and a wide range of researching chips in three series will launch to the market next year according to the schedule.” Said LI Renwei, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Haawking.

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