Apple Acquires Intel Baseband Inquired by SAMR due to ¡°Merge Before Approval¡±

Updated:2019/10/11 23:12

On the impact of "Apple's $1 billion acquisition of Intel baseband business" on the industry, China's State Administration for Market Regulation conducted inquiry to terminal enterprises in the industry.

One mentioned that the acquisition has been public for nearly 80 days, but during such a long period, Apple has not completed centralized declaration to the regulatory authorities of China. Currently, the case has brought great concern in the industry, and relevant regulatory authorities have begun to take the initiative to inquire about it.

Relevant insiders said that it was not clear whether the regulatory authorities would launch an anti-trust investigation. Previously, Apple had announced that the merger with Intel's baseband business would be completed in Q4 this year. Once the investigation is launched, the regulatory authorities will conduct a 90-day review and no acquisition should be done during the review period. This could result in a failure of acquisition between Apple and Intel's baseband business.

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