Super Fusion Digital Wins the Lion's Share in China Mobile's Centralized Procurement of Server

Updated:2021/11/24 14:21

Recently, China Mobile announced successful candidates in its 2021-2022 centralized procurement of PC servers (the 1st batch). This announcement covers 6 bid packages, namely package 1, package 2, package 6, package 9, package 10 and package 15.

According to the previous announcement, this centralized procurement reaches the scale of 163,692 units. The project is mixed bidding, consisting of 16 bid packages. It is reported that the biggest winner in the 1st batch is Super Fusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd. On November 5 this year, Super Fusion Digital changed its business registration information: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the original shareholder was withdrawn, and the new shareholder of 100% shareholding—Henan Chao Ju Neng Technology Co., Ltd.—was introduced.

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