SARFT: Gradually Implementing a Remote Control for Watching TV

Updated:2024/1/25 18:27

On January 23rd, the State Administration of Radio and Television, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Central Radio and Television Administration, the China Consumers Association and other relevant departments and units, held a phased summary and deployment promotion meeting to address the complex work of charging and operating TV dolls.

The meeting reported on the progress and effectiveness of the first phase of the work to address the complexity of charging and operating TV dolls. As of the end of 2023, after more than four months of progress, the first phase of work has achieved the goal of "turning on live streaming, reducing fee packages by 50%, and improving consumer transparency.". The startup advertisements for cable TV and IPTV have been completely cancelled, and the startup time has been reduced from the maximum of 118 seconds before governance to no more than 35 seconds.

In terms of reducing toll packages, it is reported that all kinds of toll packages have been significantly reduced by more than 50%, including 72% for cable TV, 79% for IPTV, and 55% for Internet TV. A single terminal has been reduced from the highest 86 toll packages before governance to no more than 6 toll packages for each terminal now. Clear, eye-catching, and transparent upgrades have been made to the pages, navigation, fees, applications, and other aspects. The paid and free content has been prominently marked.

It is reported that cable TV, IPTV and Internet TV have all strengthened the supply of high-quality free content. The "Reviewing Classics" free zone launched by the national cable TV network has accumulated 23.65 million views and 10.78 million hours of viewing time in two months.

According to the conference deployment, the governance work in 2024 will gradually promote the implementation of a remote control for watching TV. For existing remote controls, by widely promoting or providing on-site services to assist viewers in using the infrared remote control to learn functions, we can preliminarily achieve the goal of "watching live broadcasts with one remote control"; For incremental remote controls, a new type of remote control is developed and launched through the development of unified standard specifications, achieving the goal of watching TV with one remote control. In addition, special measures will be taken to address the complexity of hotel TV operations and actively promote the integration of TV set-top boxes.

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