China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 Centralized Procurement Begins Preselection

Updated:2024/1/11 18:44

According to the official website of China Telecom, the centralized procurement project of China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (2023-2025) has been approved, and the project meets the procurement conditions. Pre selection is now underway, and potential applicants who are interested (hereinafter referred to as the applicants) are invited to submit pre selection applications.

The announcement shows that this project consists of 4 packages, including Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (1G-PON) without WiFi, Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (1G-PON) dual band WiFi, Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (10G-PON) without WiFi, and Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (10G-PON) dual band WiFi. The procurement scale is 50.261 million units, of which the 10G PON reaches 33.105 million units.

10G PON is a key technology supporting the development of gigabit services. During the "2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference", Shao Yantao, Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Department of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., introduced that as of the end of October 2023, the scale of China Telecom's gigabit broadband users has exceeded 50 million.

In addition, Tianyi Gateway is the core terminal for China Telecom to develop smart home business. In the first three quarters of 2023, China Telecom's fixed network and smart home service revenue reached 92.905 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.9%. Smart home revenue maintained rapid growth, driving the comprehensive ARPU of broadband to reach 47.8 yuan, and the value contribution of smart homes continued to increase.

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