China Mobile's IPv6 traffic accounts for 53.6%

Updated:2023/6/30 17:12

On June 27th, Ding Hongqing, Deputy General Manager of the Planning and Construction Department of China Mobile, introduced at a technology innovation forum that China Mobile has built the world's largest IPv6 network. The total number of active IPv6 connections in the entire network has reached 952 million, and the proportion of IPv6 traffic in the mobile network has surpassed IPv4, reaching 53.6%. China Mobile has also developed the original G-SRv6 technology system, constructing the world's largest SRv6 backbone network.

During the forum, China Mobile announced three major innovations in IPv6: the "China Mobile IPv6 Single Stack Evolution Initiative," the "China Mobile IPv6 Technology Evolution and Application White Paper," and the SRv6 Intelligent Dedicated Line product.

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