China Telecom: 5G Package Subscribers Show a Net Increase of 6.27 Million in August

Updated:2022/9/22 15:01

On September 20, China Telecom announced the operating statistics for August 2022. Mobile subscribers had a net increase of 1.90 million for the month and reached 388.00 million in total. Of these mobile subscribers, the net additional 5G package subscribers for the month were 6.27 million, and the total 5G package subscribers were 243.60 million.

Wireline broadband subscribers showed a net increase of 0.93 million for the month and totaled 177.07 million.

In terms of access lines in service, there was a net decrease of 0.22 million for the month, and the number of total access lines in service was 105.59 million.

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