China Telecom: The Changsha Fire Accident Not expected to Have Major Impact

Updated:2022/9/20 14:15

On the afternoon of Sep 16, a fire broke out on the façade of the second communications building of China Telecom Changsha, and the open fire in the building was subsequently extinguished. China Telecom issued an announcement on the Sep 18 in response to the accident saying that the fire did not cause any casualties and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

China Telecom stated that after the fire, the company immediately launched the emergency plan and cooperated with the relevant departments in fire-fighting. In this process, power was cut off for some of the equipment in the building, affecting part of the business. After emergency treatment, the affected business has been fully restored. China Telecom Changsha has taken out insurance for the relevant equipment and reported the case to the insurance service. The specific losses are being calculated.

China Telecom stated that the fire accident is not expected to have a significant impact on its operational or financial indicators.

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