Greater Adaptability and Upgrade of 4/5G Devices for CBN Network Due for Late September

Updated:2022/8/12 15:26

Giving a keynote speech to the main forum of the World 5G Convention on August 10, CBN Chairman Song Qizhu announced the ongoing advancement of joint contribution to 5G base station construction and shared benefits with China Mobile and connectivity with China Telecom and China Unicom in all respects.

Speaking of CBN's prospects in the 5G industry, Mr. Song undertook to shape a customer-centric brand and establish a quality service system. For business development, the company will tap into 5G services on the ground of large screen business; for distribution, it will expand online or offline, leveraging resources of its own and partners; and it will also establish a video content business cluster with its own distinctive cultural characteristics.

Mr. Song added that the CBN network has hitherto been accessible by 127 types of smartphones, and 95% of new networking smartphones. Besides smartphones, the access covers wearable devices, tablets, etc. By the end of this September, the adaptation and upgrade of 4G/5G devices to the CBN network will be brought to fruition.

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