China Mobile í░And Fetioní▒ to Stop Service in September

Updated:2022/7/27 15:00

According to the announcement recently released on the official website of China Mobile, its “And Fetion” business will stop providing service after Sept. 30, 2022. Users will not be able to log in and use And Fetion after the said time. This APP, which was launched 15 years ago, once had 500 million registered users, and tried to transform from an instant messaging service to an enterprise service platform, has officially ducked out of the spotlight.

China Mobile introduced its instant messaging service “Fetion” in 2007. Integrating voice, GPRS, SMS and other communication modes, Fetion welcomed its “golden age” in the 3G era. Around 2010, it reached 500 million registered users and became a mainstream communication tool with nearly 100 million active users in its peak season. In 2016, seeing the serious decline of Fetion business, China Mobile renamed Fetion to “And Fetion” and changed its function from an instant messaging service to an enterprise service platform. In late Apr. 2021, And Fetion released an announcement on business adjustment—if last year's announcement was an advance notice that And Fetion would stop its service, the recent one makes it “official”. 

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