Yang Jie from China Mobile: CAPEX gradual downturn

Updated:2022/3/25 13:36

After China Mobile unveiled its annual performance in 2021 in recent days, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, answered questions from journalists at a follow-up press conference. At the conference, he told journalists that it is predicted that in 2022, the expense of China Mobile would reach 185.2 billion yuan, with 110 billion allocated to 5G technology, a number that is slightly down from the 114 billion in 2021. Such downturn is the result of the strict control the company imposed on CAPEX with the purpose of spending the money where it counts the most.

Yang Jie pointed out that China Mobile would spend less on 5G-related investments since 2023. “Unless other special and major events occur, the total CAPEX of the company would witness a gradual downturn instead of continuous increase. It is expected that the CAPEX percentage of revenue would be down to less than 20% three years later.”

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