China Mobile Finishes the IPO Inquiry for A-shares

Updated:2021/12/22 13:17

On December 21st, China Mobile announced that the IPO inquiry for A-share had been finished, with the issue price set at RMB 57.58. The issue price corresponds to a diluted 2020 P/E ratio of 12.02 times.

Based on this price, if the over-allotment option, namely the "greenshoe option", is fully exercised, China Mobile is expected to raise a total of RMB 56 billion.

China Mobile plans to issue A shares on December 22nd both online and offline. The stock code of China Mobile is "600941", which is also used for offline subscriptions, and its online subscription code is "730941". On December 23rd, China Mobile will publish the online subscription success rate; on December 24th, China Mobile will publish the preliminary offline placement results and online results; on December 28th, China Mobile will publish the notice of issuing results.

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