China Telecom Starts Centralized Purchasing of Outdoor Optical Cables in 2021

Updated:2021/10/13 13:27

According to news from China Telecom’s official website, its “Centralized Procurement Project of Outdoor Optical Cables in 2021” has been approved. The Project has been qualified for bidding and is in pre-qualification period. Interested potential bidders are hereby specially invited to submit applications for pre-qualification.

According to its announcement, the procurement contents of the Project include the outdoor optical cables required by China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary companies and branches in various projects in 2022 (excluding the optical fiber cables needed in construction of provincially first-level optical cable projects), covering GYTA, GYTS, GYDTA, GYDXTW and other types of outdoor optical cables. Based on estimation, the procurement scale is about 43 million core kilometers.

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