China Telecom Advances the Joint Contribution and Shared Benefits of 700M in Rural Areas

Updated:2021/8/11 09:44

At the Online Investor Exchange Meeting of China Telecom's Initial Public Offering of A-shares held on August 6, Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, said that China Telecom is currently actively advancing the joint contribution and shared benefits of 700M in rural areas.

On January 26, 2021, China Mobile officially signed a "5G Strategy" Cooperation Agreement with China Broadcast Network and officially launched the joint contribution and shared benefits of the 700MHz 5G network. On June 25, the bidding for 5G 700M wireless main equipment was launched, and the procurement scale was about 480,397 stations. On July 18, the results of centralized procurement were disclosed, and the 480,000-station 700M station construction plan was officially implemented.

Before this, insiders disclosed that China Telecom and China Unicom would also participate in the 700MHz industry and share 700MHz by leasing or roaming, especially in rural areas. In this case, China Telecom and China Unicom will have a 700MHz + 2.1GHz + 3.5GHz spectrum combination, and their 5G network will also have a large capacity and ability of wide coverage, which will save the cost of building 5G network and also quickly form a 5G network that can rate with that of China Mobile and China Broadcast Network.

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