China Mobile: 5G Messaging to Be Comprehensively Commercial This Year

Updated:2021/3/2 18:52

According to Yu Wei, director of the Business Research Institute of China Mobile Communication Institute, on the “5G Messaging Forum” of MWC2021 Shanghai, 5G messaging would enter into comprehensive commercial use this year; China mobile would promote this process by expanding terminal coverage, enriching service capabilities, and enhancing the consistency of terminal experience. In June 2020, two pilot nodes for commercial use of 5G messaging, Zhejiang and Guangdong, have been built; in December, all network cloud nodes for China Mobile 5G messaging in 8 regions nationwide have been completed. By February this year, 45 terminals from ZTE, OPPO, vivo, MI, Samsung and other mainstream brands have supported 5G messaging. The overall terminal coverage this year is expected to be further improved.

Yu Wei further introduced that, the 5G Messaging Whitepaper jointly released by three major operators in China in 2020 has conveyed to users the determination of upgrading the underlying communication services. On such a basis, three major operators have further provided the industry with unified business practices, and jointly promoted the unification of technical specifications at terminal manufacturers. Currently, these three operators have pushed through the industry standard for 5G messaging terminals, laying a good foundation for the popularization of the 5G messaging service and the maturity of the industry chain.

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