China Telecom's IoT Connections Exceeded 200 Million & NB-IoT Connections Exceeded 80 Million

Updated:2021/1/13 17:59

As of the end of 2020, China Telecom's Internet of Things (IoT) connections have exceeded 200 million, of which NB-IoT connections have exceeded 80 million.

According to relevant sources of China Telecom, in the field of IoT, the scale of data and revenue are positively correlated, and the value of China Telecom's IoT connection will be reflected. At present, China Telecom is vigorously expanding market in the field of smart homes, smart communities, and smart cities. In these areas, operators such as China Telecom are considered to have five major advantages including big security, big private network, big platform, big data, and big operation.

According to C114, China Telecom built the world's first commercial NB-IoT network in 2017, and in 2019, it created a single industry connection that exceeded 10 million applications, laying a solid foundation for the successful commercialization of NB-IoT.

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