China Mobile to Reach 200 Million Broadband Users

Updated:2020/6/28 17:35

Since obtaining the license to offer broadband services in December 2013, in less than 7 years, China Mobile has surpassed China Unicom and China Telecom to become by far the leader in the broadband market, reaching a new high of 200 million broadband service subscribers, which is a miracle in the global history of broadband user development.

The goal set by China Mobile at the beginning of the year was a net increase of 12 million users for the whole year. By the end of May, a net increase of 8.154 million has already been achieved. At this rate, the annual goal will have been reached by the third quarter, and the net increase of users in the whole year is expected to reach 18 million, by which time China Mobile will enjoy over 200 million broadband users.

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