China Unicom: 4G download rate reached 24.56Mbps

Updated:2019/7/30 16:25

On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a user face-to-face symposium on boosting speed and cutting costs. The representatives of the three major operators introduced the main situation of speeding up and reducing fees.

China Unicom said that China Unicom's 4G network download rate reached 24.56 Mbit/s in the first quarter of 2019, still leading the industry, according to the latest data from the Broadband Development Alliance.

In the past few years, the average tariff for traffic has been reduced by traffic volume increasing, preferential traffic packages promotion and other preferential products. At the same time, the traffic roaming charges between the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao have been greatly reduced. The price has decreased by more than 30. %, benefiting about 7 million users. The average tariff of SMEs' broadband and private lines has been reduced. The average tariff rate of SME broadband and private lines has dropped by 15%.

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