China Mobile: Sharing Profit of 202.6 Billion Yuan with Customers by Speeding up and Reducing Fees

Updated:2019/7/30 16:22

On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a user face-to-face symposium on boosting speed and cutting costs. The representatives of the three major operators introduced the main situation of speeding up and reducing fees.

China Mobile said that the unit price of mobile has decreased by 91.5%; the international long-distance direct tariff has dropped by more than 90%; the average unit price of international roaming traffic has dropped by more than 80% compared with 2015; the sharing profit has exceeded 100 billion Yuan by speeding up and reducing fees ; and it has benefited 4.7 billion customers with sharing profit 202.6 billion Yuan.

At the same time, the household broadband tariffs have been reduced several times. As of the end of 2018, the average price of 50M and 100M decreased by 27.5% and 38.4% respectively. The price of private lines and corporate broadband is continually reducing. In 2017 and 2018, the price of dedicated access was significantly reduced twice, and the unit price decreased by 45%.

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