China Unicom Terminated the Tender for Centralized Purchasing of G.654.E Trunk Cable

Updated:2019/6/19 14:16

According to the official website of China Unicom, China Unicom’s 2017-2018 tender for centralized purchasing of trunk cable (G.654.E) was terminated. 

It is learned there were less than three effective bidders in the bid evaluation process for this project. The tender for this project was then terminated as required by relevant regulations. 

Information disclosed by insiders said that all the prices quoted by enterprises were higher than the maximum price (62 yuan/kilometers of fiber) provided by China Unicom, which meant that there was no effective bidder for this centralized purchasing.

Different from the G.652 fiber, which has a very mature industry chain, the G.654.E fiber has a high technological requirement that can only be achieved by several major domestic factories, so there are currently no cost advantages. It is learned that the maximum price of 62 yuan/kilometers of fiber for bare fiber provided by China Unicom this time was far lower than the production cost of G.654.E fiber. Enterprises had no choice but to bid with over-limit prices. (Note: It was revealed that all the prices quoted by enterprises were around 300 yuan.)

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