China Mobile Eager for FDD License

Updated:2017/8/18 15:15

China Mobile has built world's largest 4G network supported by 1.65 million base stations and gained almost 600 million 4G subscribers, one third the global total with years of construction and expansion, Huang Yuhong, deputy director of China Mobile Research Institute said at the 5G-Focused LTE Network Innovation Seminar held on August 17.

To meet the customer demands, China Mobile has been upgrading the 4G network and actively adopting 4G+ technologies.

Ms. Huang noted that radio spectrum resources are very precious which China Mobile should take advantage of.

Most oversea operators launched FDD before introducing TDD network with increased network capacity while China Mobile has achieved great success in TDD, considering it important to develop TDD & FDD -converged network.

Ms Huang also emphasized that the telco pays more attention to the sustainable developments of TDD technologies and wants to introduce more new technical features to improve network performance and customer experience.

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