China Telecom Catches 91% of All-Mode Mobile Phone Sales

Updated:2017/7/28 17:54

All-mode handset has been leading the development of the mobile phone market, Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom said at the 9th E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Industry Summit, China Telecom has kept promoting all-mode mobile phones jointly with its partners and achieved great success.

The all-mode handset sales have climbed 85 percent to 147 million units year-on-year, catching 73 percent of the mobile phone market share, a 20 percent growth compared with the end of last year.

Accounting for 91 percent of the sales in total, China Telecom has sold 69 million all-mode Esurfing mobile phones, up 33.6 percent year over year, in the first six months this year.

The unity of the all-mode mobile phone standard, especially after accepted by GCF and GSMA, means the further important step of "Made in China".

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