Performance of China's 3 Major Operators in 1H17

Updated:2017/7/20 17:01


The total telecommunications service volume in China in June has grown 67.9 percent to CNY212.8 billion in June, bringing revenue of CNY110.5 billion which has increased 4.9 percent year over year.

The total telecommunications service volume for the first half of the year has risen 53.5 percent to CNY1.0991 trillion while the revenue jumped 5.6 percent to CNY645.4 billion.

The percentage of mobile communication service revenue notched up small declines. In the first six months of 2017, mobile communication service revenue grew 4.6 percent to CNY467.4 billion, accounting for 72.4 percent of the telecom service revenue.

The fixed broadband service revenue was up 8.2 percent to CNY177.9 billion, representing 27.6 percent of the telecom service revenue.

The revenue brought by voice services gained 19.4 percent, falling back 7.1 percent compared with the same period of last year.

A 29.6 percent YoY increase occurred to the mobile service revenue. During the months, China's three state-run telecom operators achieved revenue of CNY98.5 billion from fixed data and fixed Internet services, up 9.2 percent, equaling to 15.3 percent of the telecom service revenue, while mobile Internet service revenue has been raise by 29.6 percent to CNY274.6 billion, catching 42.6 percent of the telecom service revenue and driving the telecom service revenue growth by 10.3 percent.


Catching over 65 percent, the 4G subscribers hit 888 million.

By the end of June, three major operators added 42.74 million mobile phone subscribers, reaching 1.36 billion while 3G and 4G subscribers increased 96.05 million to 1.04 billion. 2G and 3G subscribers have kept migrating to 4G, and 4G subscribers have been growing rapidly to 888 million and accounted for 65.1 percent of the total.

The fiber access subscribers reached 261 million, of which 55 percent were users with broadband of 50Mbps or above.

The three major telecom operators have totally gained 322 million fixed Internet broadband access subscribers with 24.75 million additions.

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