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MIIT Plans to Allocate 100 Million Communication Network Numbers for IoV services

Updated:2024/5/29 15:26

According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), to implement the requirements of the government's work report on "consolidating and expanding the leading advantage of intelligent connected new energy vehicle industries" and "boosting large-scale consumption of intelligent connected new energy vehicles, electronic products, etc.," and to actively support the high-quality development of China's intelligent connected vehicles and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the MIIT has recently planned to allocate 100 million 11-digit public mobile communication network numbers exclusively for IoV services.

Currently, China's intelligent connected vehicle industry is entering a new phase of high-quality development. In 2023, China's automobile production and sales reached a historic peak, both exceeding 30 million units, with year-on-year growth rates of 11.6% and 12%, respectively. Similar to how ordinary mobile phone users connect via SIM cards, intelligent connected vehicles utilize IoT cards equipped with dedicated IoV numbers to connect to 4G/5G networks. This can support data communication between vehicles and enterprise backends, in-car internet access and entertainment for passengers, and voice communication for emergency rescue and road assistance, among other functions, ensuring user safety while providing a rich driving experience.

Next, the MIIT will allocate dedicated IoV numbers to relevant basic telecommunications enterprises through established procedures, continuously improve the management level of numbering resources, closely monitor industry development trends, and supplement numbering resources as needed. This will leverage the enabling role of the information and communications industry to support the high-quality development of intelligent connected vehicles and IoV services.

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