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MIIT: China Has Put into Place Broadband Access for Every Village

Updated:2021/12/31 15:55

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China held a press conference on December 30. As noted by the Director Xie Cun, about 50,000 administrative villages in China didn’t have access to broadband Internet, many of which were registered poor villages, while 150,000 administrative villages had a broadband access of less than 4Mbps at the beginning of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, creating an apparent “digital divide” between urban and rural areas. By the end of November 2021, China has installed broadband access in every village by virtue of joint efforts from all parties, connecting the “information aorta” running through rural areas to the digital economy, solving the communication barrier in poor areas and providing network support for comprehensively promoting the rural revitalization campaign and speeding up modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had also urged telecommunication enterprises to lay out basic communication services at a price reduction of 50% or more, which has benefited 28 million poor households from the CNY 8.8 billion discounted so far. In the vast rural areas, users can enjoy mobile phones, broadband and Internet TV subscription packages with only 30 to 40 yuan per month. At present, the Internet coverage has reached 59.2% in villages, which doubles that recorded in the beginning of “13th Five-Year Plan”, narrowing the gap between urban and rural coverage by 15 percent. As a result, online retail sales in rural China has increased from CNY 353 billion in 2015 to CNY 1,790 billion in 2020.

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