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China Mobile makes deployments in cloud computing to push development of Communication 4.0

Updated:2016/5/23 15:37

At the "China 8th Cloud Computing Conference", Sun Shaolin, assistant general manager and chief technology officer of China Mobile Suzhou R&D Center, and member of Cloud Computing Expert Committee at Chinese Institute of Electronics, said that "we plan to carry out all-network Communication 4.0 trials this year." China Mobile will mainly make deployments in three aspects including independent R&D, platform construction and service capacity cloudization, making preparation for Communication 4.0.

Sun Shaoling pointed that general and necessary communication is regarded as Communication 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 while 4.0 will realize information multi-load, sense multi-load and intelligence multi-load. Communication 1.0 is for analog communication era, 2.0 digital era and 3.0 IP era, while era of Communication 4.0 is characterized by software definition, separation of hardware and software as well as separation of control and transmitting, which is an era of IT-and-CT- integration.

China Mobile's target architecture for Communication 4.0 can be divided into three parts. First, infrastructure reconstruction: Communication 4.0 will be data-oriented and data center will become the basic source of network in the future, all the network functions will be in the form of software modules existing in the data centers. Second, reconstruction of networks and services: future networks will be a unity of IP, optical fiber and cloud, providing cloud-based end-to-end ICT services. Third, operational transformation: Communication 4.0 aims to achieve automation of operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, in order to response quickly to the users, China Mobile will achieve integration of R&D and operation.

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