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China Telecom officially launched E-surfing Hybrid Cloud services

Updated:2015/3/24 09:38

China Telecom E-Cloud Computing Company announced a few days ago, it has officially launched E-surfing Hybrid Cloud services and would provide hybrid cloud services based on the Virtual Data Center in domestic market for the first time.

According to the introduction of the general manager of China Telecom E-Cloud Computing Company Wu Xiangdong, after the commercialization, China Telecom E-surfing Hybrid Cloud services would mainly focus on large enterprises and government markets, especially in the finance, energy, transportation, insurance, medical care and education industry markets. 

China Telecom founded the Cloud Computing Company 3 years ago and started intensive operation of cloud resources, the company established a "4+2" resource pools layout, namely 4 data center resource pools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Sichuan, and 2 data center clusters in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou.

During the pre-commercial period of E-surfing Hybrid Cloud services in last October, the resource pools were adjusted to "8+2+x", "8" referred to Northeast China, North China, East China, Southeast China, South China, Southwest China, Northwest China and Central China, which formed nearest coverage of the government and enterprise customers from the point to the surface. The company said that it would complete resources integration in the 8 regions in this year.

Combined with the leading technology advantages of Vmware, E-surfing Hybrid Cloud services would provide security and reliable telecom services for government and enterprise customers, such as VDC, cloud disaster recovery services, dedicated line link services, CDN services, domain services, object storage services and other high quality services.

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