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China Mobile Telecom Integrated Cloud to Finalized in 2H17

Updated:2017/4/19 16:38

Vice president of China Mobile Li Zhengmao gave a speech named "NovoNet Plan Promoting the Network Transformation Development" at the 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit on April 17.

Mr. Li noted China Mobile, world's biggest mobile operator, has never stopped thinking, especially about the network transformation.  The Communication 4.0 era has come, defined by the full integration of IT & CT, and to catch up with it, China Mobile put forward a new-generation network idea NovoNet - the core of network transferring from cloud and data to content and traffic. Following this, the company proposed a new concept - super network element TIC (Telecom Integrated Cloud), which is being tested in four Chinese cities and expected to be finalized in the second half of this year.

"Next, China Mobile will cooperate with many manufacturers to customize the device." Li Zhengmao said, "It will be a huge change. Regarding TIC as a super brain, it will make the future network very simple."

Mr. Li also supposed that the traditional industrial ecology should turn to open CT and IT.

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