Shanghai Unicom Will First Fully Cover the CIIE Venue with 5G Network

Updated:2019/9/26 21:39

Shanghai Unicom has announced they will first fully cover the CIIE venues with 5G network. After updating 3G/4G/5G facilities to domestic manufactured ones, they will build the fastest and most powerful 5G indoor exhibition hall in China, providing a download speed of nearly 1Gbps at maximum.

According to C114, Unicom 5G network will cover WH Hall at the main venue, 4.2 Parallel Forum Venue, 5.2 National Exhibition Gallery, No.1~No.8 Exhibition Halls, News & Media Center (A0), Public Security Hall (B0), Hotel Lobby and others. A total of 1553 nodes will be deployed at the place, whose actual band width will be greatly expanded to satisfy users’ needs once for all. In the same time, 15 5G metro-cells will be built around the main venue, covering the CIIE venues in all dimensions.

Currently, Shanghai Unicom has deployed more than 4,000 5G stations around the city. It is estimated that continuous outdoor 5G network will cover the area within the outer ring and key towns in the suburbs in September.

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