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China Telecom will Launch eSIM Services: Focalizing Ubiquitous Intelligent Terminals and IoT

Updated:2018/9/18 15:56

In the recent 2018 China Telecom Intelligent Terminal Technology Forum, Lu Liangjun, deputy general manager of the marketing department in China Telecom, revealed that China Telecom has been proactively advancing the application of eSIM technology in ubiquitous intelligent terminals and the Internet of Things. The unified entrance for the pilot commercial use is the online business hall. The first batch of pilot cities are as follows: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuhan.

China Telecom has established the eSIM operation management system to fully initiate the commercial cooperation for its products. First, China Telecom complies with the corresponding specifications: White Paper for Embedded UICC Requirements , APP and Third-party Smart Wearable Devices, and Service Access Specifications and Technical Requirements. In terms of the products, there are two types of businesses: independent eSIM and No.1 dual terminal. At the same time, China Telecom cooperates with 15 different models from 7 manufacturers. China Telecom persists in strict storage testing: all the products are subject to tests including authentication test of eSIM card chip, eSIM terminal test, and eSIM service side test.

It is reported that China Telecom released the eSIM specification for the Internet of Things in 2016, and the eSIM platform in the field of the Internet of Things has also been completed.

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