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Alibaba & Tencent are Devoted to LoRa: A Booster for IoT in China

Updated:2018/8/1 13:26

The LoRa Alliance and Tencent jointly announced that Tencent has joined the LoRa Alliance at the highest level, which is expected to further accelerate the adoption of LoRaWAN technology. C114 noted that another Chinese Internet giant Alibaba has also announced its initiative to develop LoRa technology, with its LoRa networks set up in Hangzhou and Ningbo already being commercially available.

"It is clear that LPWAN is crucial for IoT technology and applications, and its Chinese market is growing quickly, especially in the areas such as public services, industrial manufacturing, and personal IoT devices." said Hongtao Bie, Vice President of Tencent Technology.

“LoRaWAN grew rapidly. We believe that it is highly complementary to NB-IoT in the LPWAN market. Joining the LoRa Alliance will enable us to influence the development of LoRaWAN technology and advance the related IoT applications. It also helps further promote our cloud business as we will be able to establish close partnerships with other LoRaWAN suppliers around the world." said Huixing Wang, Vice President of Tencent Cloud.

Application of LoRa technology in China focuses on four major vertical markets: smart city, smart home/building/community, smart agriculture and public security & firefighting.

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