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China Unicom has Realized IoT National Coverage, eMTC Network will be Activated in the Third Quarter

Updated:2018/5/25 15:06

Recently, in the ‘ Conference of China’s IoT Industrial Ecology and Inaugurating Meeting for IoT Ecological Alliance in 2018’, Zhu Xiaotian, the general manager of China Unicom IoT Company expressed that, currently China Unicom has realized IoT national coverage, apart from promoting NB-IoT, they will also accelerate deploying network capabilities of eMTC, and it is estimated to activate the core network capabilities of eMTC in the third quarter of this year and keep focused on non-network connective services like LoRa.

‘We believe the network diversity in the future of IoT connection.’ Zhu Xiaotian said. China Unicom dedicates to making cooperation with operators across the world and helps customers achieve the one-point access, the unified management and accordant experience for future IoT deploying. Speaking of the network connection and management platform of China Unicom, over 50 operators across the world are using the same connection and management platform as China Unicom does. And China Unicom also makes efforts to build up its capacity of crossing operators.

It is reported that the ‘IoT platform +’ of China Unicom has powerful service-integrated capabilities. IoT Gateway achieves unified encapsulation of general capabilities and open up to support partners to develop various apps rapidly by loose coupling. Currently, the connection and management platform of China Unicom has achieved over 80 million connections, with nearly 20 thousand customers of the industry and wide industrial distribution. For now, new connections are 3-4 million every month, and the IoT connection and management platform of China Unicom has also become the biggest single-connecting platform in the world.


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