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China Telecom to Remove Internet of Things Drawbacks

Updated:2017/4/17 17:27

There exist lots of drawbacks in the IoT industry, which China will set about to remove, Zhao Jianjun, general manager of China Telecom Corporation Limited IoT Branch said at the 2017 China Telecommunication Industry IoT Conference on April 13.

The Internet of Things Plan for 2016-2020 released by MIIT before said an internationally competitive Chinese IoT industry system will have been basically formed by 2020, of which the size will top CNY1.5 trillion, and the proportion of intelligent information services will increase significantly. M2M connections will exceed 1.7 billion in China by then.

Mr. Zhao noted though other industries have been passionate on the development of the IoT industry, lots of problems should be solved.

He added," there are many problems in autonomy, such as chip, communication process, standard, normalization, and terminal, especially. The variety of terminals will restrict the development of IoT, and the telecom operators, meanwhile, have to face this kind of problems, for instance, the capacity of 2G and 3G, communication mainly between people, should adapt to IoT network with different rates. In addition, resource platform has trouble offering more convenient resource deployments to more users."

To solve the problems above, Mr. Zhao suggested China construct a perfect IoT network technology able to connect, build its own platform, providing a better development environment through its open capability, and share the commercial value of the IoT era through the industry alliance.

In the evolution of network, China Telecom has been creating a network in line with all kinds of bandwidths and rates with multi-network coexistence and a connection quality assurance, according to Mr. Zhao.

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