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iPudong Was Launched at MWC 2017

Updated:2017/2/28 23:16

On February 27, 2017, the beta version of iPudong App is announce to launch at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

In recent years, information technology such as 4G, clouding, mobile internet, and IoT bring unpredicated opportunity to smart city program. In order to accelerate the new smart city program required by the State Council, utilize the  governmental data resource, and increase social network service channels, The five major information technology platforms with the governmental administrative service clouding as the core program are designed by Shanghai Pudong Municipal Commission of Technology and Economy. The iPudong App, is one of the five major information technology platform Hub of the Pudong New Area district. Under the program of framework of Shanghai civilization clouding, In the conception of  “Community Service, Direct to my house”, to build up a more convnionce system to service the cilization better. Initially, in order to improve the real time experience of smart city program, and optimize the governmental information service model to the public. As the major task of Pudong New Area in 2017, to achieve the alliance of governmental strength and integration of social service resources, utilizing the internet’s capability in boundless, to accelerate the integrated one system of all community in Pudong New Area, in cooperated with the enhancement of the soft power of culture, to enhance the quality of Shanghai metroplitan, to create new international path of international development, both the governmental service and civilization life being benefits with the innovation and technologies.

The iPudong App provides both iOS and Android versions for all smart phones and tablets. Being a mobile internet platform to service the civilaztion, It is consolidated Administrative Service, Civilazation Service, Data Service, and operating service of Pudong New Area. As the most important IT project, Shanghai Pudong Municipal Commission of Technology and Economy. will build iPudong App as the gateway of Civilazation Life in Pudong New Area. Being an efficient channel of global mobile internet urban service, iPudong App will generate multiple language versions in 2017, to make the true of  “the more free in thinking new life style, the more lovely of Pudong”

iPudong App provides four major services as reported.

Governmental Services, the mobile App provides a general service framework to government administrators. All authorities provide internet service in application accepting, reservation, and settlement in on this service framework, leading to an e-governmental system in the mobile internet, to improve the governmental administrative capability, in developing e-governmental internet system.

Citizen Services, Focued on the core needs from local residence and tourists, the platform covers public affairs, medical treatment, traffic, education, senior caring, and community services. Users can get varied public services more conveniently through the digital connection between human and public service, leading to a better social service level and efficiency for smart community.

Data Services, iPudong App and other platforms provide huge data and various contents. Governmental administration, service providers, and normal users can get valuable data and information quickly and make smart decisions upon data and analysis.

Operation Services, iPudong App is a platform to offer information release in platform way to build up “ iPudong Civilaztion Clounding” to utilize synchronous service administrative program. With a higher platform management efficiency, a flexible and beautiful ecological system brings a win-win situation.

During the Mobile World Congress, iPudong App Clouding wins attentions from many domestic and foreign policy planning organizations and standardization organizations, as the municipal service platform covering cross fields in Urban Management. Pudong will practice more communications and cooperation with these organizations and enterprises to construct a better smart Pudong and iPudong App, the more fast, the better.

In the future, there will be great prospects and countless opportunities in Pudong, Shanghai, and hereby, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely welcome everyone to China, to Shanghai and to Pudong to experience the smart city!

“to choose pudong is to choose succses”

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