Three Major Operators Basically Completed IPv6 Transformation in Data Centers

Updated:2020/9/1 17:45

According to Wu Hequan, Director of Expert Committee for Advancing Massive IPv6 Deployment and Academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China is steadily carrying forward IPv6 transformation in Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and three major operators have wound up IPv6 transformation in ultra-large, large, medium-sized and small IDCs in general. Up to July 2020, IPv6 transformation was completed in all the 907 IDCs, 863 of which were connected to the national IPv6 development surveillance platform.

In the wake of the development of IPv6 innovation capability, it is expected to provoke network business innovation and enhance network service quality, Mr. Wu said. Right now, China is a leader in this respect and national enterprises and research institutions are promoting the standardization of IPv6+ new capabilities with effort in relevant international standardization organizations.

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