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China Adds 861,000 4G Base Stations in 2016

Updated:2017/1/25 12:45

MIIT released China's telecom industry operating report in 2016 recently, detailing the network infrastructure situation.

Fixed broadband

Increasing 114 million, Internet broadband access ports reached 690 million with a 19.8% growth in 2016. China added 181 million FTTH/0 ports compared with one year before with the total hitting 522 million, which accounts for 75.6% of the Internet access ports.

Mobile communication

The major telecommunication enterprises have speeded up the developments of mobile network. Mobile communication base stations are up 926,000 to 5.59 million including 2.63 million 4G base stations with 861,000 additions.

Transmission network

Local optical cable grows most hitting the largest number among the increasingly improved infrastructure. China built 5.54 million fiber optic lines during last year, rising 22.3% from a year before.

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