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A Clear Direction of National Radio And Television Networks Company

Updated:2011/3/25 16:17

In the period of CCBN 2011 Forum, Shen XiangJun, the vice president and general manager of Chinese cable TV network company, said in an exclusive interview that the national radio and television network company which now under constructing has been cleared the direction - large-scale cultural enterprises.

In early 2010, China decided to speed up triple play of telecommunications network, broadcast network and Internet, and considered the overall program to promote the triple play.

With the program, China will set up a national cable network company in 2012. It is learned that the company will be listed this year, and the registered capital may be over 100 billion yuan.

In this regard, Shen Xiangjun said that the demands from state and central is to completed the integration of networks within two years and achieve one network in one province.

He also disclosed, the national cable network company will be positioned as large-scale cultural enterprise. In future, the company should comply with two rules, a rule is to adapt to industrial economic law, another rule is to accord with national cultural media's management policy and management rules.

Meanwhile, the company also should achieve unified planning, unified construction, unified operation and unified management. (by Nye Sha)

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