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Accelink Engages in Quantum-Related Business

Updated:2024/6/4 16:25

Recently, Accelink responded to investor inquiries on an interactive platform, stating that the company's 400G and 800G optical modules have been supplied in bulk. Meanwhile, it is actively promoting the market expansion of 1.6T optical modules, aiming to capture a significant market share.

The emergence of AI large models is driving the continuous development of new computing infrastructure, accelerating the transformation of traditional data centers into intelligent computing centers. This transition imposes new demands and challenges on network scale, latency, bandwidth, and reliability. The high bandwidth requirements of intelligent computing center networks are directly reflected in the application of optical modules.

To further reduce the processing and forwarding latency of devices, SDN-based Optical Circuit Switching (OCS) technology has come under the spotlight, providing a new networking solution for intelligent computing.

Accelink pointed out that OCS products are primarily customized for clients and are currently in the sample delivery phase. The main clients are domestic and international information service providers and equipment manufacturers engaged in OCS-based network construction.

It is worth mentioning that in the quantum field, Accelink has established a joint venture company, Guoxun Quantum Chip Company, to engage in the business of integrated optical chips and optical devices required for quantum key communication and quantum measurement systems.

Guoxun Quantum Chip Company is a joint venture between Accelink and QuantumCTek. According to the agreement, Accelink and QuantumCTek hold 55% and 45% of the shares, respectively.

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