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MIIT Seeks Development Path for 5G RedCap

Updated:2023/8/30 20:57

To promote the evolution, product development, and industrialization of 5G lightweight (RedCap) technology, and vigorously advance the scaled development of 5G applications, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has organized the drafting of the "Notice on Promoting the Evolution and Innovative Development of 5G Lightweight (RedCap) Technology" (Draft for Comments).

The draft clearly sets out the industry development goals for 2025, specifying the main tasks from multiple dimensions, including technical standards, industrial systems, capability upgrades, application innovation, demonstration benchmarks, ecological environment, and security guarantees.

Several mentioned figures in the draft are particularly worth industry attention. By 2025, the comprehensive capabilities of the 5G RedCap industry will significantly improve, with emerging new products and models, large-scale integration of application, and enhanced security capabilities.

The 5G RedCap technology industry will steadily develop. The 5G RedCap standards will continue to evolve, and technological capabilities will meet the diverse needs of various scenarios. A series of high-quality 5G RedCap products will be formed, creating a complete industrial system. Efforts will be made to reduce the costs of key aspects of the 5G RedCap industry, such as chips, modules, and terminals, with over 100 terminal products available.

The scale of 5G RedCap applications will continue to grow. RedCap coverage at the county level and above in the entire country will be achieved, and the number of RedCap connections will increase to tens of millions. The application scenarios of 5G RedCap in industries such as industrial, energy, logistics, connected vehicles, public safety, and smart cities will become more diverse, and the scale of applications will continue to expand. A number of exemplary benchmarks for 5G RedCap applications will be selected, forming a set of replicable and promotable solutions, and creating more than five application areas with millions of connections realized in 5G RedCap.

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