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China Tower's Net Profit Up 19.9% in 2022

Updated:2023/3/7 15:56

In 2022, China Tower registered a steady increase in its annual revenue to 92.17 billion yuan, up 6.5% year on year (YOY); therein, its EBITDA reached 62.844 billion yuan, accounting for 68.2%; the profit attributable to its own shareholders reached 8.787 billion yuan, up 19.9% YOY, and its net profit margin was 9.5%, showing its sustainable profitability.

With abundant cash for full-year operations, China Tower registered a net cash-flow amount of 65.134 billion yuan, including 26.207 billion yuan in capital expenditure and 38.927 billion yuan in free cash flow, up 10.2% YOY. China Tower enjoyed sound finance: by December 31, 2022, its total assets reached 305.56 billion yuan and interest-based liabilities reached 79.119 billion yuan, with a net debt leverage of 27.7%, down 5.7 percentage points YOY.

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