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Coolpad Returns

Updated:2021/12/3 13:21

After five years of low-profile reforging, Coolpad announced its return. On the evening of December 1st, Coolpad held an online event and unveiled its new Coolpad COOL 20 Pro which was positioned as a new generation of “audio-visual entertainment knockout product”.

It is said that Coolpad has rebuilt its operation and management team and invited top-tier international strategic investment partners. In the past year, Coolpad has raised over HK$2.1bn in the capital market. “There are many 'prejudices' in the current mobile phone market. The new Coolpad aims to rise above these prejudices in the industry with our profound R&D power and visionary insights into the industry, and build an ecosystem that respects users, pursues mutual benefit, win-win outcome, and sustainable development,” said Chen Jiajun, the CEO of Coolpad.

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