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More Than 40 Billion RMB Investment on Universal Service of 3 Major Operators Since 2015

Updated:2019/8/4 14:48

Since the implementation of the pilot project of telecommunication universal service in China at the end of 2015, the three major telecommunication operators have invested an accumulative more than 40 billion RMB in it with central government funds to support optical fibers and 4G construction in 130,000 administrative villages, including 43,000 poor villages.

According to Dong Xin, deputy general manager of China Mobile Group, China Mobile has accumulatively invested 55.2 billion RMB since 2004 in 163,000 villages on telephones and in 74,000 villages on broadband, realizing a broadband coverage rate of 98% in administrative villages, among which the broadband coverage rate in poor villages reached 96%.

Chen Zhongyue, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group, said China Telecom had invested more than 100 billion RMB in telecommunication infrastructure in rural areas since 2013, achieving 100% coverage of 4G network and 90% coverage of optical broadband in villages and towns over the country. In 2016 when the national government launched pilot project of telecommunication universal service, China Telecom undertook 40% of the construction tasks in the first three batches of universal services, with an accumulative more than 10 billion RMB, completing optical fiber construction in 52,000 administrative villages ahead of schedule.

Shao Guanglu, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said China Unicom had attached importance to different aspects in different stages during the five batches of telecommunications universal services from 2016 to 2019, completing on time the coverage of telecommunications in 16,000 administrative villages of 20 provinces, deploying broadband and 4G networks to remote villages, mountain areas and plateau areas over China. Precision poverty alleviation packages for five targeted poor counties have been introduced to more than 150,000 users, and more than 620,000 users have been offered targeted poverty alleviation packages for poor-stricken families across the country, with an accumulative reduction of telecommunication fees of 35 million RMB.

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