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Readjustment for Lenovo internal framework: merge PCSD and MBG into the Intelligent Devices Group

Updated:2018/5/14 11:20

Nowadays, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo, sent an email out to employees about the readjustment for its internal framework, which showed that Lenovo would merge PCSD and MBG into Intelligent Devices Group(Intelligent Devices Group,IDG for short).

Yang wrote: “"This would allow us to make full use of the shared platform that has been built in the process of transformation from a single business to diversified businesses, and accelerate technological integration (especially the integration of computing technology and communication technology) so as to make our various types of equipment become more intelligent and seamlessly synergistic."

It is reported that in terms of personnel, IDG will be led by Gianfranco, president of the Lenovo Group. Liu Jun , Group’s executive vice president and president of Lenovo China, will serve as the head of the intelligent device business group in China and report to Gianfranco Lanci; Chang Cheng, vice president of MBG Chinese products, will be the agent leader of MBG Chinese business. Serge Buniac, senior vice president and president of Motorola business, will continue to lead MBG's overseas business.

In fact, with the implementation of the "three-wave strategy" (the first wave for the PC business, the second wave for the mobile phone and data center, and the third wave for the equipment + cloud and infrastructure + cloud), the original framework was difficult to meet the needs of current Lenovo business.

Especially in the past year, Lenovo pushed forward the two strategic transformations, namely "from a single business to the diversified businesses" and "from the product-centred to customer-oriented" simultaneously, and carried out the "All in AI" strategy.

The third quarter financial report of Lenovo 2017/2018 fiscal year showed that the total revenue of the Group was about $13billion, soaring to a greater height in a single quarter for the past three years which was almost equal to hit an all-time high. At the same time, pretax profit of the third quarter reached $150 million, with the year-on-year growth of 48%, which was the first time for Lenovo to reach the goal for year-on-year growth of pretax profits for the past 5 quarters.


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