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Private Capital Helps Develop 39.78 Million Fixed Broadband Users in China

Updated:2017/9/7 15:08

Private capital has kept injected into the broadband market in light of the policies of "Broadband China" and "broadband access market trails", which raises the user base steadily.

The Internet corporations in China have developed 39.78 million totally by the end of July with a YoY increase of 58.3 percent.

China's three operators recently released the number of broadband user by the end of July.

China Mobile added 2.703 million fixed broadband subscribers in July with the total reaching 95.744 million; China Unicom's fixed broadband subscribers climbed 580 million to 76.989 million; that user base of China Telecom was taken to 128.97 million with 870,000 additions.

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